Core Programs

Educational Programs

We have been developing programs that address the specific needs of our community particularly in terms of education.  We are building our curriculum to combine several elements into our approach to teaching the community;  Presentations with live interpretation, Computer and technical assistance, English instruction and Citizenship classes.

In addressing the education gap that many in our community face, we rely on partnerships throughout the community to help present important information on a variety of topics to the community.  These presentations are made in English, by experts and professionals in their respective fields, and are translated concurrently to community members.  We also create Rohingya and Burmese language content and make it available online. The goal is to begin bridging the divide in education, expectations and access to all the important services and knowledge needed to live healthy and happy lives here in the United States. 

Our ESL programs are suspended during COVID-19 social distancing regulations and conduct.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Dynamic Education (DynEd), who’s flagship English software will allow our ESL program to grow to new levels.  We  have experience using, administering and deploying this this powerful software which allows us to assess a student’s progress, certify their English language levels and customize each individual’s unique pathway to learning.  The data driven software uses a multi-modal approach that is comprehensive, fluid design and a polished feel.

The courseware we purchased can facilitate any level of English language learner and can be used on or off-line on iPhone/Android, PC/Mac devices.  We are deploying this product using a work-from-home and family-centric model that takes the needs of the community into account. Language acquisition for Rohingya is in many cases more difficult than other immigrant groups as a large proportion have not had the privilege of an education and that Rohingya is primarily only a spoken language. We hope to expand this program to provide access of quality ESL courseware to a larger segment of the community

Interpretation Services

Founder Anuwar Kasim has been providing interpretation and translation services for over a decade.  This trend has continued since his arrival in Milwaukee in 2015 where he became a certified medical interpreter within months of his arrival.  Outside of his work with the hospitals and clinics, Anuwar provides a variety of pro-bono interpretation services to the Burmese and Rohingya resettled refugee community, including assistance with; immigration, drivers license, job, healthcare, and other social service processes. We have worked on other translation projects including documentary work, COVID-19, public school information, 2020 Census, and content for children. We are open to exploring new projects that serve the needs of the community and implore those with similar goals to reach out to us.

Donations/Food Distribution/Pantry

We accept many kinds of donations including culturally appropriate food, household items, school supplies, office supplies/computers, clothing, winter gear and sometimes even furniture.  We actively distribute any donations we receive.

Community leaders are very active during holidays and religious events.  These events typically see food distributed throughout the community and are a very important part of our organization’s activities.

We have been working with ICNA Relief each year during Ramadan they have provided us with tons of culturally appropriate non perishable food. Over the past three years we were able to distribute over 7000lbs of culturally appropriate food that were distributed to over 100 families. 

Home Health Care Services

BRCW is committed to providing needed services to the Burmese and Rohingya families in Milwaukee.  We understand that having access to quality healthcare means that our community needs to be educated  Many of our community members have been denied access to modern healthcare systems, it creates a situation where our community has a lot of ground to make up in terms of their understanding and ability to navigate these systems.

During our formation we began working towards creating a Burmese Home Healthcare organization and made significant progress.  Since then, we have chosen to prioritize our programs and devote our resources to forward educational, developmental and community organizing efforts.  We may return to our work building a healthcare agency in the future.

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