About Us

The BRCW is a 501c3 non-profit, formed to serve the resettled Burmese and Rohingya community in Wisconsin with cultural competence and representation by helping facilitate the transition to life here in the United States.  With the aim to empower these families by providing critical services such as interpretation, home healthcare, new arrival/transition, workforce development, ESL instruction, food pantry/distribution.

Currently the BRCW is lead by the organization’s founder, Anuwar Kasim.   He serves in a directorial capacity and acts as lead translator

Andrew Trumbull is a founding member and serves as the Administrative Director of the BRCW.  Using his experience in ESL teaching/tutoring, IT,

Recent changes have seen the BRCW grow,  The BRCW Executive Council was created in 2018 to expand our organization’s reach within the community and to create an inclusive relationship with the resettled Burmese and Rohingya refugee community.


Anuwar Kasim

Anuwar received his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Yezin Agricultural University near the Burmese capital, Nay Pyi Taw.  During his adult years, Anuwar has developed fluency in 6 languages, including; Rohingya, Burmese, Urdu, Malay, Bengali, and English.  He has extensive experience interpreting and has held various positions for the United Nations and international non-governmental organizations both in Burma and Malaysia. In Burma, the work Anuwar performed was geared towards education, development, general aid, and rehabilitation.  Later, and after he fled to Malaysia, he spent most of the next decade working as an interpreter for UNHCR departments of health, registration, outreach/intervention, education, and resettlement.

Anuwar has been in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 2015.  In addition to his work as a medical interpreter at Aurora Healthcare, Anuwar promotes the cause of the Rohingya and Burmese community in Milwaukee through this recently established non-profit.  Anuwar is himself a refugee, witnessing two decades of sordid events in his homeland in Burma and in the refugee community in Malaysia.  Anuwar aspires to aid and strengthen the burgeoning Rohingya and Burmese community here in Wisconsin.

Andrew Trumbull

Andrew Trumbull serves as the Secretary of the Board and as the Administrative Director of the organization.  He performs several roles within the organization;  focusing  on developing the BRCW Home Healthcare Services, ESL programs and computer deployment, and heads outside communication efforts (Social media and English language correspondence).  Andrew has been working alongside Anuwar since his arrival in Milwaukee in the summer of 2015.  Fresh off an AmeriCorps service term in the Near West Side of Milwaukee, Andrew brings valuable experience from his time in the non-profit sector as well as in the implementation and administration of community based programs.  Andrew has considerable ESL and Basic Literacy teaching experience including utilizing technology as a tool to solving language barriers.

Andrew received his bachelor’s degree in the International Studies program of Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security (ACDIS) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He comes from a family with a long history of service to this country and uses his experience teaching ESL, management, IT, non-profit administration and program development, safety and security as well as his passion for social justice to forward the mission of the BRCW.